Children’s author Susanna Leonard Hill is hosting a Halloween writing contest, and I’ve had so much fun coming up with an story! Here it is:

Halloween Banquet

Friends roll in at ten past moonlight: zombies, ghouls and goblin tots.

Out of time and multitasking, Ethel Ether stirs her pots.

Right arm blends a beauty potion: fairy wings and eye of newt. 

Left arm tends the other cauldron: carrots, beef and turnip root.

Door bell’s howling, stomachs growling— guests emerging from the gloom.

Frenzied, Ethel flings potatoes, peas and toads across the room.  

Tremble, shiver, quake and quiver. Accidental switcheroo.

Ethel moans, “What shall I serve them? Beauty Beef? Or Newt’s Eye Stew?”